The Courtney Project Incorporated
A Community Home Health Agency 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We listed the top questions people ask Reginald Todd Hewitt, the founder of The Courtney Project 501(c)3 in Orlando, Florida. Here are her answers.

Do you consider yourself an expert on PML since your daughter Courtney's death?

No, I assure you I do not; I only know what I have experienced firsthand and learned from my own research.

Did your daughter get the Chickenpox when she was a child?

Yes, in fact she did! This mere fact alone made her susceptible to contracting PML.

Is it true that anyone who has ever had the Chickenpox will contract PML?

Only God can answer that; I will say, by having had the Chickenpox, the JC Virus then lies dormant within our bodies.

Is it true that PML is caused by a chain-like reaction beginning with the Chickenpox, JC Virus, Shingles and most likely PML if all are or were present?


Have you ever had the Chickenpox and are you worried yourself about contracting PML?

Yes, yes, and most definitely yes! As a child, I had the Chickenpox and later in life at the age of 50, I contracted the Shingles and almost died! My own doctor was very concerned about my recovery. I was in bed for six months in so much pain and could barely walk. I wanted to die.

I know that your daughter, from what I've read, was HIV positive. Would she have died anyway from PML? Or was it really true that if diagnosed and treated properly in a timelier manner, she would have lived as much as 10-plus years?

Yes, yes, and yes! Unfortunately, her own doctor didn't know what PML was until I told him myself.

Do you blame the doctors involved who treated your daughter for her death?

No! However, I do blame them for their lack of knowledge and understanding of how to aggressively treat a PML patient.

Can you treat a PML patient with Occupational and Physical Therapy?

No you can't! The effects to the brain by PML can't be regained ever! It's destroyed, not just weakened or damaged! It's destroyed!

Was Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy an option for your daughter?

Unfortunately, we were lead/mislead to believe she was a prime candidate for both! Sadly, they (the doctors) were wrong!

Where do you gain your strength to do what you do with your PML Global Awareness Campaign?

Most of it comes from my grandchildren, who have been by my side; Readers like you; Members of The Courtney Project and most of all, God!

Do you think people around the world will ever look upon PML as anything else besides being related to HIV/AIDS since your daughter was HIV positive?

I can only hope and pray they will, for the simple fact that it is also related to so many other rare disorders and not just HIV.