The Courtney Project 501(c)3

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Project Information

Case Management

The Courtney Project 501(c)3 in Orlando, Florida offers a variety of supportive services to make you feel better and improve your lifestyle. We are always ready to help you find the resources and information you need. Our special needs assistance is designed:
  • To find the right medical treatment, substance use, and mental health programs
  • To find out if you are eligible for certain local and state benefits
  • To find housing resources to get you into stable housing
  • To connect you to legal resources
  • To help people like you with their personal special needs in a nondiscriminatory and judgment-free setting

Supportive Services

We offer individual and group services in a community setting designed for adults living with rare disorders like PML and HIV.

Transportation Services

The Courtney Project 501(c)3 helps you get to your entitlements and medical appointments on time through our dependable transportation services.


Let us know if you need assistance with your housing needs.

Transitional Housing

The TCP Transitional Housing Program allows PML clients to enjoy clean, stable housing for up to two years while they work towards their independence. Housed clients participate in intensive case management and create educational and financial goals during their stay.

All activities are aimed at self-determination and eventual self-sufficiency. We use a number of measures to track progress towards financial, educational, and behavioral modification goals.

Case management appointments are scheduled as needed. Clients live in a one-bedroom efficiency suite that is completely furnished with donated furniture and household items. We can assist them with their day-to-day functions.